Got a call from the vet--yup, Nefer's got a UTI. Heading home from work early to wrangle her into the carrier to get an antibiotic injection. Traumatic as that is, it'll be less traumatic in the long run than us trying to pill her daily...this is a cat that does NOT want to be pilled.*

* We've been giving her a prescribed anti-nausea pill this week as an experiment to see if it has any effect on her frequent barfing. It's been remarkably non-traumatic because (a) it's teeny tiny and (b) I struck upon the idea of making a little bread ball and shoving it in there because she loves bread so much, and she's eaten it every time. But it's very, very crumbly, and I think a non-crumbly pill won't work with that. So far, no barfing. We *think*--it could easily be in some place we haven't looked. But all of a sudden they're not eating as much food, which could be a sign that she's keeping her meals down and not having to nibble as much. So yay?

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