nothing is true / everything is knitted

MANY THANKS to [personal profile] jenna_thorn, [personal profile] tessercat, and their lovely models who cannot be recognized in this because I changed their age, shape, and gender quite radically. XD Also my husband, who posed patiently with my handwarmers on when I decided they were needed. :D Also several anonymous older women from stock photo sites who I composited together to add textures to the exposed skin.

Anyway! So this is a photomanip that I attempted to make look like a painting, but kinda failed because I wanted to keep the textures, and when I tried to color it in it kept looking like a badly colorized photo, so I quit while I was ahead.

I might give it another go at some point, and do it a bit more traditionally, but it's served its primary purpose quite well: I can photobash a bunch of pics together and make them look more-or-less like one pic.

Background: Elseweb, there was a conversation about Assassin's Creed. If you're not familiar with it, it's a game in which assassins are the good guys and Templars are the bad guys and you spend a lot of time wearing a hood and skulking around in crowds, blending in while following marks or trying to lose notoriety so the guards don't catch you.

In the course of this conversation elseweb, someone said that hey, grandmothers would be the perfect assassins, because who else better to blend into a crowd and be overlooked than an older lady? You could stab someone with your knitting needles and fade into the crowd and no one would ever know.

Made sense to me. This is the classic pose from Assassin's Creed II that I'm riffing off of.

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Tags: art, assassin's creed, gaming

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