Yay. Ish.

Got the results of Nefer's culture back: she has, basically, two UTIs, i.e. two different sets of bacteria present in abnormally high numbers. The good news: the antibiotic injection she got is effective for one of them. The bad news: the other one needs an antibiotic that only comes in pills or liquid.

However! We had made the discovery last week that we can give Nefer a (very tiny, very crumbly) anti-nausea pill wrapped up in bread, and she will eat it. So I picked pills, and Toby dropped by the vet on the way home to pick them up. And yes: Nefer will eat an antibiotic pill if it is encapsulated in a squishy bread pill.

So we now have a loaf of bread bought solely for the cat, of the squishiest bread we could find that we could also tolerate if, for example, one of us needed to make a sandwich in an emergency. (i.e., generic wheat balloon bread, but not quite as fluffy and insubstantial as Wonder Bread.)

Nefer is happy that we have started this habit of randomly giving her pieces of bread. Sora is convinced that we are somehow giving her treats and not him, even though we let him sniff the bread and he does not recognize it as food. So he occasionally gets an empty Pill Pocket, because we don't want him to associate Pill Pockets with vets or medicine.

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