Murderface McKenzie: First Class

Right! So it’s been about two weeks since I last posted a Murderface writeup, and that’s because it’s been about two weeks since I played, having been working on other projects. But I have not forgotten Murderface! You won’t escape that easily!

Last time, Murderface did part 1 of a 3-part quest to hunt down the three parts of the legendary Amulet of Galdur, an artifact so powerful associated with a dude so evil that after his death, the amulet was broken into three parts and hidden around Skyrim, guarded by the watchful undead bound to their task forevermore. Murderface figured that it might sell for a few gold.

This time: Murderface goes to school!

Part of the reason Murderface needed more gold was that he’d managed to hit level 100 in his Enchanting skill and achieved the ability to dual-enchant items. So of course he needed all-new armor! The step above elven light armor is glass armor...yes, glass. Hey, look, this is a world in which you mine ebony and smelt it into ingots, so you’re just going to have to let that go.

Murderface’s smithing wasn’t up to the level at which he could forge glass armor, so he was stuck with looting ancient gravesites to buy pieces, but he eventually managed to assemble a full set. He is no longer wearing the Shrouded Hood that made him look all dangerous and smouldering, but it’s kind of made up for by this axe-head look.

A couple of domestic notes: Valdimar’s erratic decorative sense is at it again, with this bowl of falmer ears displayed proudly:

And at one point, Murderface came upon Valdimar standing patiently, staring at a spot on the wall. Murderface watched him for a while, and eventually Valdimar turned around and asked what he could do for his Thane. Murderface just said “Um. Carry on," and left.

It’s possible that he was contemplating what thing to display on that shelf between the two candles. Perhaps a haunch of venison? Or a lute? Or maybe a troll skull or a bunch of mushrooms?

Anyway! Part 2 of the amulet quest! This section of the amulet was locked up in a tomb whose entrance was on an island which, of course, meant that part of it was flooded. Why only part of it when it was all below the water table? Such things are beyond Murderface.

Here’s a pic of a point Murderface stopped to do some enchanting, at a lab station that a draugr happened to fall onto when he was shot.

On the way to the amulet, Murderface hid behind a drawbridge to shoot arrows at draugr. The game assumed the bridge was slightly larger than it actually was, and one of his arrows got stopped in midair next to the bridge, and wouldn’t come free, even after the drawbridge was lowered.

There was also a point where I had knowledge Murderface didn’t, of a lever that was trapped, and to roleplay it correctly I had Murderface go ahead and pull the lever...but had him stand a safe distance away anyway because he *is* starting to learn, believe it or not.

It was a pretty standard dungeon crawl, with (via Divine Knowledge aka wiki info) a big boss fight at the end with an undead dude who magically creates two clones of himself, which you fight. You have to kill the original to win. So Murderface was prepped for a long siege. Following recommended strategy, after he triggered Undead-Bob’s coffin to pop, Murderface stuck to the perimeter of the balcony that the coffin was on, and hid behind a rock that overlooked one of the three spots on which a clone would stand. He sent a Fire Atronach whizzing around the area to draw fire from Undead-Bob 1, 2 and 3, then carefully plinked arrows at his target.

Twice. And then it turned out Murderface accidentally picked the original and not one of the clones, and took him out with two arrows. The fire atronach whizzed silently around the room for the short while it took Murderface to realize that dude was dead and not just temporarily discomposed. Fightus interruptus, I guess.

He teleported home for a short visit after that, right into a bandit attack, with Valdimar and the two girls outside the house. One of them killed Murderface’s horse AND a chicken. The other two materialized in a space that was inside the house, but not inside the house, if you get what I mean. Murderface’s new Detect Life spell showed them standing in the middle of the house, and Valdimar was stuck in a crouch facing the wall, trying to attack, but they weren’t actually inside. They didn’t move, either, and Murderface had to enter the house and exit it again to get them to respawn properly.

Whereupon a bandit chief attacked Valdimar, and Murderface accidentally finished the job. Well, fuck that shit. I reloaded the game and the resurrected Valdimar worked with Murderface to take the bandits out.

After the attack, Runa took it all philosophically.

Here’s the first bandit, post-looting because Murderface figures she doesn’t deserve to face her gods with her armor on after killing his horse and chicken. One of the two remaining chickens has found a new spot to rest.

Okay fine I have to say it: LOOK AT THAT HOT COCK BETWEEN HER LEGS

Ahem. Anyway.

The third and final segment of the amulet turned out to be a lot more involved than you’d expect. It was located in an archaeological site that was under the control of the Mage’s College in Winterhold. Of course, Murderface figures this out after trekking all the way there. On the other hand, on the way he met an aspiring wizard who was attempting to cast spells with his grandfather’s staff. Aspirant-Bob told Murderface that the college had told him the magic was all in the staff and not in him. Murderface offered to buy it from him, and the aspirant dejectedly decided to do so. Murderface paid him 399 gold, but covertly estimated it to be worth 1248, so at least he made a decent profit. (I think he eventually sold it for, like, 600.)

Anyway, as those of you who’ve played the game already know from the pic waaay up above, the way to get into the ruins of Saarthal, as the third amulet-place is known, is to join the College. So although Murderface was a bit miffed to realize that his school days were not over, getting that amulet piece was a matter of pride now, so he hied off to Winterhold and talked his way in.

Well, by “talking his way in" I mean picking the “I just wanted to see inside" option when the gatekeeper asked him why he wanted to enter, which she didn’t believe for a minute. But he was able to throw a fireball at a target she picked, which established his magical bona fides, and they enrolled him in the College.

The pic above was his first class. They gave him a set of robes, but didn’t give him any time to change out of his armor before class started. After a bit, he felt kind of out of place, resplendent in his enchanted glass armor, so stripped off in the middle of the lecture hall and put on his novice’s robes.

After this, Murderface was finally able to join the field trip to Saarthal. He changed back into his armor, even though his fellow students stayed in their robes, because he wasn’t about to give up a 222 armor rating for a 5 (or whatever) armor rating, even when it gave him a +10 or something to his destruction spells. He’d spent too much time and money on that armor.

Following the teacher into Saarthal, Murderface was overcome with a vision, in which someone told him something or other about the Psijic Order. The teacher was impressed, and more to the point, believed Murderface’s vision was true, but as we all know, Murderface’s head has been populated with many a strange voice and he’s long since stopped bothering about any of them.

Another teacher who was excavating asked Murderface to bring him some artifacts. Naturally Murderface goes directly to the one that trapped him and the first teacher in the catacombs, so they had no choice but to advance into the depths and see what happened.

And that is the point at which I stopped for two weeks! Whee! Maybe it won’t be a full two weeks until the next post, and you all aren’t going to want to wait because….

Next time: the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Murderface makes a MOMENTOUS DECISION! YES THAT ONE.

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