Art I did for Fandom Giftbox

Here's the art I did for Fandom Giftbox...

Lacernella Rubra
Little Red Riding Hood

The prompter asked for twists on Little Red Riding Hood, so I mused on the nature of wolves and hoods.

Maker's Breath, not again
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Mildly NSFW for implications

The prompt asked for "...desk sex, getting constantly interrupted (like with the unnamed soldier that has been named Jim in some fanfics)..."

If you're unfamiliar with DA:I, if you follow the Cullen romance route, the first kiss gets interrupted by an unnamed soldier. There is also desk sex later which isn't interrupted unless you experience the glitch that has a parade of soldiers wandering through the room during events. XD

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Tags: art, fanart, fandomgiftbox

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