I am a bit over 40% through my hateread of Mercedes Lackey's latest in the Herald Spy series.

(I also appear to be liveblogging it, if you wish to come back and check. Spoilers, of course.

...She recently read Gaudy Night, didn't she? *sigh* She's even calling it a poison pen, and had an effigy of a woman planted-burned in this case a bateau of hanged (if I remember Gaudy Night correctly).

(WTF autocorrect? "Burned instead of..")

edit: Oh, now Mags is mansplaining guard duty to the head priestess of a women's martial religious order.

The book is also still happily endorsing secret mass surveillance of the populace by the government, but I expected no less.

edit 2: And now he just mansplained to another head of a different women's religious order what she has to be grateful for.

edit 3: A little over 50% through and it's FINALLY occurred to the main characters that the new male religious order that preaches that women should be subordinate to men and which is so obviously dastardly that their temple should have a giant mustache to twirl during services just MIGHT have something to do with all these attacks against women. I mean, she's been having everyone reason that the poison pen must be a woman using all the same arguments from Gaudy Night, I assume as distraction from the dastardly male priests?

BTW shutting down someone's Gift has been mentioned twice now. FORESHADOWING, A SIGN OF QUALITY LITERATURE (A Bloom County reference)

edit 4: Oh, now Haven has a river where people scull and swim, presumably under the dreaming spires of the Collegium.

Edit 5: Late night bonfire in the Commons! Swimming costumes rather than academic gowns, but hey. Oh--earlier there was vandalism of a women's order that copied manuscripts--I suppose that's the Gaudy Night library scene.

Edit 6: Oh wait, *Mags* is the only one who suspects the dastardly religious order even though others have remarked on it, and he's investigating by himself.

Edit 7: Amily is now starting to suspect that one of the Blues (regular students), whose education might be sponsored by a religious order, may have something to do with the poison pen letters, given that they have a religious fervor to them, but can't think of a nearby religious order that might be against women like that.

...We were in her viewpoint when the head of the dastards came to see the King and made it clear that his order had low opinions of women, including her. *twitch*

Edit 8: And now we've got a nervous young female student named Katlie. Shades of Cattermole, anyone? Is she going to end up in the river?

And now it's late and I'm going to bed. More later!

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