Suggestions for someone's second-ever knitting project?

Not me: Toby. He wanted something productive/creative to do with his hands while watching TV so he picked knitting. After watching a lot of YouTube videos he has knitted a skein of yarn into a somewhat lumpy scarf that I shall wear with pride, but he now is looking for the next thing to do.

The scarf was entirely the knit stitch. He is cautiously open to learning the purl. XD (He claims it was because he wanted to make sure he had the knit stitch down but whatever.)

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I checked with Laura, who declared herself unqualified to make suggestions at that level. But there's dishtowel patterns out there he could try.
He could knit a ribbed scarf (giving him a chance to further master knitting and practice purling -- a 4x4 rib will be stretchy but not absurdly so.) Or he might try a simple cowl -- knitting in the round (creating a stockinette stitch, which is made by alternating rows of knitting and purling in a flat fabric.)

(I stuck with scarves for my first half-dozen projects, starting with the ribbed scarf, then moving on to double-knit, cables, etc, ending with a two-color cabled brioche knit of my own design.)
Thanks! :)
Good to hear he is enjoying it enough to knit a another project.

There's a couple of options, depending on how much new he wants to try at once and what would he fine uses for. A cowl would be a good project for learning knitting in the round and purling. Dish towels or way cloths would be good for learning to purl and following a pattern. There are patterns that you knit diagonally, which would be good for practicing increases or decreases. If he's interested in multiple new skills in one project, a hat would be good. I like the hurricane hat as a beginning project.