Aabra Ka Daabra Recap, part 2

You'll want to read my previous post first, since this is Part II of the Recap of Aabra Ka Daabra: The School of Magic

When last we left our trio, they were watching Arbi lording it over the chained-up Rahul, who is the father of our hero Shanu.

What she wants is a potion that Rahul had made in the past, when he was a faculty member at Aabr Ka Daabra. I gather it's some sort of elixir of immortality, but it is disconcertingly for a kids' movie referred to in the subtitles as an aphrodisiac. It's mentioned also as 'Amar Sanjeevani' so on the off-chance there's anyone out there who knows any Hindi: tell me what it is, please!

Rahul disdains Arbi and her fur hat.

The next day, Arbi calls for a Quidditch tournament flying-carpet game of some kind, wherein the winning captain will get to have the other captain banished from the school.

Limu notices that something is up with Arbi - I think that she's making Shanu's carpet fail to respond.

and sets her robes on fire conjures up rats to distract her.

Shanu's team, naturally, wins the game. At the awards ceremony afterwards he's given the option to have Changezi banished but instead natters on about how he wishes not to have enemies or some such like the goody-goody he is. Then we see a floating wand topped with a swastika in 3D. (I doubt I need to point out to you guys that the swatika was a religious symbol that predates WWII, but Just In Case, now I have.)

And then this Cooooooool[TM] guy appears, who praises Shanu, says he used to be a faculty member and tells Arbi things have changed for the worse. Then he gives a small religious homily, making sure to praise what a Sooper Speshul kid Shanu is, and the best part of the entire movie happens: the song-and-dance number in prase of Shiva, "Om Shiv Om."

Afterwards, Arbi calls Shanu into her office, bitches at him, and shuts him into a dungeon. The DVD skips at this point to the next chapter - I mean, it was six bucks, so I'm not especially annoyed - and I gather that Limu has been to see Shanu in prison and explains about how hid father Rahul created the aphrodisiac elixir of life, and how Arbi wants it. They send Tutu to Shanu's mother to give her the news that Rahul's still alive, and being held captive. Shanu's mom rushes to her brother-in-law Dilbagh to tell him the news, and he breaks out in a little dance.

Dilbagh then infiltrates the school under pretext of applying for a job as a teacher, despite knowing no magic. He runs into Madam Suzanne on the way, who promptly falls deeply in lust with His Portliness.

Dilbagh is spotted by Shanu, Pink, and Dinky. They follow him, and overhear Arbi challenging him to prove his worth by hypnotizing someone. Shanu and Dinky put the invisibility cloak on marbles in their mouths and send Pinky in. She pretends to be hypnotized, and Dilbagh gets the job. He goes to his rooms and the kids reveal themselves.

Meanwhile, Arbi is talking to her pet goon. He's familiar - he was last seen in the flashback, in the audience when Shanu's father vanished. He sees Shanu in a crystal ball, recongizes him from the performance, and tells Arbi that they now have a lever on Rahul. At some point in this scene (I think it was this scene), Arbi looks at a birdcage where she keeps a small creature that looks like a human with the head of a bird that croaks "I love you Arbi! I love you Arbi!" and muses that maybe she should put her soul into the creature.

Tutu, behind Arbi in the above pic, overhears and goes and tells Limu. He runs and tells Dilbagh and the kids, then they run into the dork from the Concentration class and tell him The dork tells the kids of the wand that the sage who started the school created and that it's in a cave past the forest. The kids go there, and are faced with the sage's soul trapped in crystal.

He asks them two questions, about Truth and Life, which Shanu the irritating git with an odd resemblance to Rowan Atkinson here gives answers to and wins the wand.

The sage then tells Shanu that he's his great-great-something grandson, and vanishes, presumably to Nirvana. On the way back, the trio encounter the dork, who tells them that he and Shanu have to go on to fight Arbi alone, and sends Pinky and Dinky off. Pinky and Dinky go to the school and find...

...that the dork is still with everyone else. Oops. Guess the fact that he took the wand from Shanu and didn't give it back might have been a hint there, huh?

Back in Arbi's secret HQ, we find that yes indeed that was her in disguise. She turns her hand into a cobra and bites Shanu with it in front of his dad, then tells him that he must make the aphrodisiac or Shanu will die.

I'm thinking that the potion actually translates as "vitality" rather than "immortality," but I'm not sure.

At any rate, Shanu foams like a rabid dog.

The others grab a passing carpet and head towards Arbi's HQ.

Rahul gives in and makes the potion, by making two magical screens in the air in front of him and diddling about with them, making it looks almsot cyberpunk instead of magical. When Arbi's attention is diverted, he shoots a glowy bit into Shanu's mouth, healing him.

The potion is all made, and Arbi grabs it, and marvels at it for a while.

Shanu manages to magic the sage's wand to himself, then uses it to get the potion.

He runs around while Arbi shoots fireballs at him, and Rahul fights a nubmer of suits of armor in the Second Least Convincing Fight Scene Evar[TM].

While that's going on, the Fearsom Six's carpet lands outside, and they're met by the scary black-clad guy and a bunch of monks in black robes and proceed to engange in the Least Convincing Fight Scene Evar[TM]. I didn't get any good screencaps - all too blurry - so you'll just have to buy the movie and see for yourself.

The fight continues inside, with TuTu getting kicked out and starting to die, then the potion spilling and a bit landing in its mouth, reviving it. Eventually the birdcage with the weird creature from earlier is knocked over and Shanu realizes that Arbi is somehow connected to it, and zaps it with all his might.

Cambodian Beauty Tiara takes the opportunity to vamp it up for the camera.

And then vanishes with a big "I'LL BE BACK".

The Fearsome Six have vanquished their black-clad foes and grin triumphantly. You'll note that the laws of comedy require that three of them disguise themselves as monks.

And Shanu collapses into his dad's arms.

Limu takes over the School of Magic as headmaster, and Shanu gives him the sage's wand.

Madame Suzanne comes in dressed traditionally, and blushingly explains to Dilbagh that she always thought that her real name (something Indian that I don't remember) was old-fashioned and so she called herself Suzanne, but now that she's seen what a real man is like (my words; I dont remember her exact words), she wanted to go back to dressing traditionally. Dilbagh likes the new Suzanne much, much better.

And the happy fmaily leaves the school, never to return...

Or will they...? The flying head shows up, asks some questions about dangling plot threads, and flies off, replaced by the ominous words...

That's it for the recap! Goodies from the movie up in the next post, once this big file finishes uploading...
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