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I managed to serendipitously come across a company which makes replica swords and blades from various movies and TV shows, and have some video game and anime ones, too. With what looks like good prices for cosplay - judging by the price, I'd think they'd be an appropriate quality for good cosplay, and may be where some of the better weapons I've seen at cons come from. XD ...no I really don't need a zanpakuto...

(rachelmanija, I think you'll especially like this) In the "way cool" category, because of this BBC news article I found out about the Flickr photoblog set up by and for children in a school in rural India. The BBC picked some of the best photos to display on their site, but I find I prefer the snapshot-quality photos from the Flickr site because you get more of a sense of the reality of the kids' life, I think. At least I can certainly identify with out-of-focus, underlit photos of random objects, because I spent much of my childhood taking exactly that sort of picture. XD They encourage you to leave comments on the pictures, because the kids are new to photography. :)

A Photo History of Neil Gaiman's Hair. (The site may take a while to get in - they're overloaded right now, I think.)
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