20 min, 3.5 mi.
Total: 154.2 mi. Still going east through the Chetwood.

Didn't bike yesterday. But as I still managed to lose about 2.5 pounds last week, even with two days of totally not watching my eating at all, I am not feeling incredibly guilty. Still don't feel like I've lost weight; I shall probably wear my extra-loose jeans tomorrow in order to feel like I've accomplished something.

...because my mother told me that my grandfather wanted me to update about my foot because it was driving him crazy not to know ... :D My foot is, inexplicably for so much pain on Saturday, completely fine. There's a bruise, and I feel it if I bang my foot against something, but nowhere near as much as there ought to be. I remember how exquisitely painful it was merely to pull a sock over it on Saturday. My coworker Karen suggests that the weight may have hit a nerve, which makes sense to me, because nothing else makes sense to me.

Have not updated, mostly because have been spending the past few days in a foul mood. Am behind in art I promised to people, have had a flooded apartment, and the atmosphere has felt like England: cold and damp. Which is what I hate most about England; going to sleep in a cold, damp room. Anyway.

The paitner came on Friday and touched up all the walls but the ones in my room, even though I pointed them out to him. When I told one of the apartment managers, she said he was probably in a hurry and forgot - he's in the National Guard and this was his weekend to go out and Guard about. He did not come back to paint today: I expect that she forgot to put in an order for it. After the first year I lived here, it has taken two notifications to get anything done, because they always always always forget to put the order in the first time.

I thought the walls might be too damp to paint, but the painter thought otherwise and so far the walls look perfectly fine. You can be sure I'll tell them if the walls start peeling. Twice.

The carpet guy came today and I now have proper carpeting again. He even helped me move my big dresser against the wall, which makes me feel almost guilty for about snapping his head off for leaving the door open all afternoon with my cat in the apartment. I came home, found the door wide open, and the cat not coming out to greet me. The guy was in my bedroom, and I popped my head in to ask if the cat was in there, and he said "There's a cat?" Er, you think the litterbox, cat food, and water bowl not three feet from your body right now juuuust might be a clue? Anyway, I snapped "Well, probably not anymore - the door's wide open." He said that he'd been there all afternoon and hadn't seen the cat, and I said that she was probably long gone by now, since the door was left open, and about that point I turned around to see the cat in full-on crouch mode sloooooowly slinking down the hall towards me, with her fur fluffed up. Apparently she'd been hiding under the sofa all day. I am, at least, glad to know that when she's scared she feels much more safe inside the apartment than outside.

The apartment probably needs the fans on for a bit more time, but I turned them all off for a while to enjoy the blessed SILENCE.

Have also made tuna tetrazzini, in attempt to duplicate Tuna Helper Tuna Tetrazzini in a slightly healthier form. Am handicapped by not really remembering what the Tuna Helper stuff tastes like. Will probably be forced to go buy a box of it and make it in order to replicate it. The recipe I used is one of those that I call Generic American Scared of Flavor - I mean, two tablespoons onion and two tablespoons bell pepper as the strongest flavors in there? - but I figured it would be a good base to start from. It also uses milk, cream of mushroom soup, and American cheese, which I substituted with cheddar jack because American? Bland. I have reaffirmed that I don't really like canned cream of mushroom soup, so I think the next time I do this, I shall borrow the mushroom/sauce bits from the Joy of Cooking chicken tetrazzini recipe. Probably also needed lemon juice - I think it was missing a sort of sharp flavor. I noticed the box ingredients, when I looked them up online, used Parmesan, so maybe I should use that instead of the cheddar jack, but I don't really like mass quantities of Parmesan. The key flavors were disguised under "Natural Flavors," so I'll have to taste-test the box and go from there. I doubt it'll be in one of those Back of the Box Gourmet recipe books.

Am very sleepy. May just go to bed now.

ETA: P.S. Have today finished downloading all the episodes of Mushishi, after four grueling days of slooooooooooooooooow bandwidth. Does anyone know if the movie's been subbed?
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