Linkblogging. from hell.

My next Tpop column is up. (I swear, the length of time is not entirely my fault! They hadn't yet posted the two I sent previously! But I am now three columns ahead and shall attempt to *stay* that way!)

All links below stolen from GrowABrain, the second most awesomest time waster on the Internet.

OH JAPAN, NEVER CHANGE. A few months ago, fuchsoid linked me to the Algorithm March - With Ninjas! (because ninjas automatically make everything better.) I now present you with the spectacle of 967 Filipino prisoners doing the Algorithm Dance, and something that changes it from "weird Japanese pop culture thing" to totally awesome: the Japanese Polar Research Team doing it. It could only be better with ninjas.

Where not to hide your money. Part 2.

Maps: blood type distribution, driving-side distribution.

Composite photos from Hot or Not. I agree with the commenter who says "It's amazing (or maybe it makes perfect sense) that every image looks to be a version of the same girl at a different stage in her 'life'." And in links from there, The Face of Tomorrow and Beautycheck.

Prisoners of YouTube.

Spanking the cat.

Flags of the world ... as designed with clients' comments.

The Mystery of Zzyzx Road.

Out-of-context hilarity: Flavors of Negros. Reminds me of the photo we have from our years in Tanzania, of a gas station whose
sign reads USA RIVER FILLING STATION, which makes you wonder just exactly what it is that the US does with your tax dollars, until you remember it's right next to the Usa River. :)

Unusual Restaurants.

"Words of a man's mouth." A Chinese autograph book full of men's photos purchased in Hong Kong and placed online without translation.
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