What I was up to this weekend...

...when I had NO INTERNET. The boy was in town so sorry, rachelmanija, not Spindrift got done. Went to dinner with his family on Friday night, got stormed on, came home to find OMG NO INTERNET. Woke up Saturday morning, still OMG NO INTERNET. Went to a wedding, then to Ikea, came home ... OMG STILL NO INTERNET. This was the point I started texting LJ to ease the withdrawal symptoms. Went to dinner, came back, NO INTERNET. This was the point when it became absolutely critical for both of us, because Season 3 of Doctor Who premiered Saturday and ... it was like being in the dark ages of the 20th century! We put furniture together with much language, and checked often, but still no internet. Sunday morning, no internet. We watched the second half of Kung Fu Hustle, the first half of which we'd watched Friday, then ... the miracle occurred! The Internet was back! So I set Bittorrent to suck down DW, we went to lunch, then came back and ... yes! The Internet was still here! And so was Doctor Who! So we watched it, and then eventually I took the boy to the airport and now I'm back home.

And I bring kittyspam and plague rat spam!

Look! I can look ALERT! And INTELLIGENT! Fooled you, huh?!

Here is my Ikea plague rat. They had a whole bin of them at $2.99 each. How could I not indulge? Anyway, he is soft and plushy and squishy, and I still haven't decided on a name.

I got these at Ikea, too, in the As-Is section: two cabinets the right size to both support my printer, and to store large pads of paper and cats. The furniture that required much language to put together was a bedframe, but no photos because my room is horrifically messy right now. :) 90% of the bedframe was easy, but there were a few things to put in using small screws, and nobody had pre-drilled starting holes for them, so they were a bitch to get in.

You can see that now I have two of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

And you should all take this little word of warning to heart...

Tags: kittyspam
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