I'm going to be going back and answering everyone who asked for hosting individually (well, and pointing them here) over the next day or two. :) I didn't start last night because I ended up with a migraine that's still sort of nagging at me, so I focused on inking and being antisocial instead.

These are all things that DH requires to set up accounts. Send them in an email to telophase14 @ gmail . com.

1. A name, address, and phone number. I am very carefully Not Pointing Out that if you're careful with your privacy, I have no way of knowing if these are correct or not. :) Your email, however, needs to be correct, since I'll be sending things like passwords there as I set it up.

ETA: 1.1. Your birthdate. Also used as security, so if you lie to me, remember your lie. :)

2. The name of your first pet. (see above note) DH has several possible security questions, and you can get in and change the name or the question to one of the other questions once it's set up.

3. The subdomain name you want.

4. A login name, plus a backup in case someone else has already gotten that name. I'll let DH automagically pick the password for you, because you can get in and change them yourself once you're set up. Although do remember that I can see all your information and passwords, so don't use anything important. :) I'm not likely to steal your identity or hack into your email, but if someone manages to hack *me* ... well, you can guess.

5. Do you want shell access? (If you don't know that that is, you probably don't.)

6. Do you want a MySQL database?

I believe that's it; if I need anything else, I'll let you know. :)

What you'll get:

1. A DreamHost WebID, which is sort of an overarching Dreamhost account. If you end up paying for your own hosting later, you'll do it through the WebID.

2. An FTP/shell access password, hooked to the username you gave me.

3. A MySQL database, if you request one, with the same username you gave me and a totally different password. :)

So you'll end up with up to three emails and three different passwords, but you can get in and change them. It may take a few hours for the DNS to propagate the subdomain to where you can see it, but it shouldn't take more than a day unless DH goes down. You can check them at http://dreamhoststatus.com/. The machine the accounts are on is named goober, and the mail accounts are run through the machine called sparky.

ETA: Also note that I have enough requests that it may take me several days to get to yours, but you'll know when I have because you'll be getting email from DH. :)
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