Inked six (6) pages tonight. Does this mean they're all ready to be toned No. It means they're ready to be scanned in and have me fix all the places where I screwed up the ink, or where I screwed up the pencils and it wasn't obvious that, say, someone's eyes were on different levels (harder than you'd think to get right when you've got a 3/4 view with a tilted head) or their nose and mouth were placed too far forward (the proper term for that is "prognathic," btw).

How did I manage to get six done when on my best day before I'd only done four? Finally realizing that although it looks nice on the comic board, I was erasing and redoing half the hair in Manga Studio anyway, so I might as well not color it in on the board. :D

And now my back hurts from hunching over the board in a really horrible posture, and my brain hurts from watching Time Team for five hours straight* (I'm getting thoroughly sick of Romanized Britain right now) and I'm going to go the hell to bed AND I EXPECT LOTS OF EMAILED COMMENT NOTIFICATIONS FROM YOU GUYS TOMORROW MORNING WHEN I WAKE UP TO ENTERTAIN ME.

* Thursday night it was twelve episodes of Inu Yasha in a row, mostly to clear off the Tivo.

ETA: I think that something that would inspire me to work even faster on Spindrift would be for someone who has the scanlations of Fruits Basket from the point where they've been released in English to the end to promise to send them to me the very moment I've finished the comic. I reread all the volumes in English, except for #3 which has inexplicably gone walkabout on me, in the past week and I WANT MORE. But I can't get my hands on it before I finish the comic or the comic will never get done. Which is why I'm not asking for download sites - the moment my subconscious realizes I can just download them, it'll refuse to work until I download and read them and the comic won't get done in time. :) And then Bad Things would happen.
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