Request for people reviewing things...

...who put the titles of the books/fic/songs they're reviewing into the cut tags but don't reproduce the titles beneath the cut tags ... could you please start doing so? Because the reader clicks on the cut and is confronted with a list of reviews with no identifying information and in some cases no distinction between a new paragraph in the same review and a new review.

This is a regular occurrence and has been for some time, so I'm not pointing at anyone in particular, just pointing out that clicking back and clicking forward to figure out what movie/books/fic/song you're talking about is annoying.*

* And, I'll admit in my case, impossible: I use Firefox and right-click on cut tags to open them in a new browser tab as I'm going through the friendslist, the close the friends page down and read the full posts. So there is no clicking back to find out the title for me. But I know not everyone does this, so that's why it's in a footnote and not the main whine. :)
Tags: whine
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