From one comment thread on an entry in clairvoyantwank:

Lets just say when they decided to make an anime based off of Romeo and Juliet they turned Juliet into a cross-dresser who masquerades as a vigilante called the Red Whirlwind, and since she's the sole remaining member of the Capulet family, she's leading a resistance against the Montagues who rules over the land with an iron fist.


Er...if she's the only Capulet, how do we get the whole fighting families thing?

And is Mercutio a catboy?


The rest of her family was killed in the prologue by Romeo's father (her father was Duke of the land until that point). For the past 14 years Juliet has been living in secret as a boy named Odin because it's known that a daughter of the Capulet family survived. When she turns 16, her real idenity gets revealed to her but right before that she meant and fell in love with Romeo. As she struggles with her feelings, Juliet eventually decides to lead a rebellion against Romeo's father to reclaim her rightful position (and then I don't know what happens since only 8 episodes have been subbed so far).

Mercuito isn't a catboy but he's a waste. He's been in only something like two scenes at this point. Benvolio is a cutie though (if this wasn't Romeo and Juliet, I would swear he and Romeo were in love). And Tybalt is awesome! They should create an entire series around him.

It says a lot about anime that I automatically assumed it was real, which of course it is: Romeo x Juliet, airing now, I believe.
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