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29 December
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According to Googlism, telophase...

... is very short
... is a band based in orlando
... is complete
... is the final process
... is an expert at this kinda stuff
... is extended
... is the last
... is prolonged
... is handling arrangements
... is there for you


Since I've started writing my series of manga analyses, my friends list has grown by leaps and bounds. "Friends list" is such an unfortunate term - "reading list," as several people I now on LJ have taken to calling it, is much better and more accurate. Please feel free to add me to your reading list or take me off as you wish.

I used to add back everyone who added me, which meant I met some really interesting people, but the size of my reading list is getting unwieldy, so I'm going to have to stop doing that. Don't take it personally if I don't friend you back; it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the limited number of hours in the day that I have available to read LJ. Feel free to comment away, though. :D


I used to have anonymous commenting on, to allow those who didn't want to create an LJ to post comments. However, thanks to spambots and to people who would comment without leaving a name or any way to reply to them, it's off. This LJ is for discussion, not drive-by commenting, and the way to ensure that is to leave a way for someone to reply to you. If you don't want to make an LJ to comment, my email address is up above.


rushthatspeaks: I started formulating a new version of Godwin's Law while reading that post:
All threads on Telophase's journal will eventually come back to Sanzo.

Corollary: But that won't be a bad thing.



In case of dire emergency, my contact info and emergency contacts can be found by the LJ admins in a backdated private entry.